Chanca Piedra

Chanca Piedra

A traditional health herb known as the Stone Breaker used across several cultures for kidney, liver, and digestion support.

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Men who are looking for renal and urinary health support.

Take 2 capsules one to three times per day with or without meals. Drink plenty of water while taking Chanca Piedra. Consult your doctor if planning on taking for longer than 12 weeks.

96% Core Ingredient†

Derived from Nature

Gluten free

Blended in the USA

Made in a GMP cert. Facility

No Artificial Colors

†Each capsule contains 96% Chanca Piedra by volume and 4% flow agents that help get the ingredient into the capsule efficiently.

Phyllanthus niruri

The Phyllanthus niruri or Gale of the wind shrub has been used extensively by traditional cultural medicinal practices for its variety of health applications. Today it is perhaps best known by its Brazial colloquial name "Chanca Piedra" meaning "Stone Breaker". Read more about this herb below. 

Ingredient Analysis

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Ingredient Amount per 30 mL % Daily Value
1,300 mg Not Established

Data Stage: Seed

The seed stage indicates promising research surrounding Chanca Piedra. While more research is needed to confirm its efficacy, the current research combined with its traditional use among many cultures suggests promising future support.

The data stages are Seed, Seedling, Blooming, Tree, and Forest.