Appetite Booster
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Appetite Booster

A data-driven blend of B-Complex vitamins, Folate, Iron, Zinc, Lysine and more that help support the body's natural hunger to help you manage a healthy weight. Mixes instantly into water, juices, smoothies, or any of your favorite beverages.

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• Children & Adults who are picky eaters and need nutritional support to boost their appetite.
• Children & Adults who are not getting enough nutrition due to under eating or a poor diet and need support to fill in nutritional gaps and boost their appetite towards healthier eating habits.
• Children & Adults who are below their ideal weight and need nutritional support to boost their appetite and gain weight.
• Adults who are looking to boost their appetite to gain weight for fitness, aesthetics, or lifestyle purposes.

• Kids 4-12 years old: Mix 15 mL into any beverage, drink once daily.
• Kids and Adults 12+: Mix 30 mL into any beverage, drink once daily.

Data-Driven Formula

Plus Energy & Brain Support

Gluten free

Blended in the USA

Made in a GMP cert. Facility

Mixes Instantly into any Drink

A Comprehensive Approach to Weight Gain

According to the CDC, about 2% of adults and 4% of children are underweight in the US. This seemingly small percentage amounts to a population of millions who are below their ideal weight range. Our Appetite Booster formula is a data-driven blend of B-complex vitamins, Folate, Iron, Zinc, Lysine, and more that helps to not only support this population's appetite but also fill in the nutritional gaps that are common to those who are not eating enough. Read more about our comprehensive approach to weight gain below.

Ingredient Analysis

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Ingredient Amount per 30 mL % Daily Value
15 mg 1,250%
10 mg 770%
20 mg NE 125%
4 mg 235%
1,670 mcg DFE 417%
50 mcg 2,083%
10 mg 200%
15 mg 83%
10 mg 91%
1,000 mg
1,000 mg

Data Stage: Tree

The tree stage indicates that we have found an established body of data suggesting that undernourished diets can lead to vitamin deficiencies which can in turn affect the appetite. Ensuring proper nutrition is a good way to maintain a healthy appetite.

The data stages are Seed, Seedling, Blooming, Tree, and Forest.