A bright yellow extract from the Indian Barberry root that helps support healthy blood sugar levels.

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• Anybody looking for blood sugar support in their diet. • Not recommended for pregnant individuals.
Take 1 capsule per day.

70% Core Ingredient†

Derived from Nature

Gluten free

Blended in the USA

Made in a GMP cert. Facility

No Artificial Colors

†Each capsule contains 70% Berberine by weight and 30% flow agents that help get the ingredient into the capsule efficiently.

Berberine Flower On Tree
Berberine Flower On Tree

Berberis Aristata

Our Berberine is derived from the bark of the Berberis Aristata (Indian barberry) plant. It has been used in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Native American healing in a variety of preparation to address several aspects of health. We see the most promising data behind Berberine's role in promoting healthy glucose metabolism and blood sugar levels. Read more below.

Ingredient Analysis

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Ingredient Amount per 1 Capsule % Daily Value
500 mg Not Established

Data Stage: Seedling

The seedling stage indicates that there is a burgeoning body of data surrounding Berberine. While the formal research for this ingredient is still in its early stages, it has been used traditionally in China and patented sources of Berberine have been shown to have blood sugar controlling benefits in clinical trials.

The data stages are Seed, Seedling, Blooming, Tree, and Forest.