Exploring the Benefits of Diosmin

Exploring the Benefits of Diosmin

Aug 29, 2023

Diosmin is a supplement offering myriad vascular benefits to older adults and adults of all ages. What is diosmin, how are diosmin supplements made, and who should take them? Read on to find out more about diosmin benefits and how you can use this powerful, naturally-derived supplement to support your health and wellness goals. xx

What Is Diosmin?

Diosmin is a plant-based flavonoid—a substance commonly found in plants, fruits, flowers, and bark. Flavonoids are often isolated and extracted for human use due to their known benefits on health and wellness. In the case of diosmin, the flavonoid is derived from citrus plants. It is a naturally yellow-colored compound that protects the plant from sun damage, but as a supplement its main application is supporting vein health. 

History of Diosmin 

Advances in modern technology have made diosmin available for human consumption and studies continue to observe diosmin’s potential benefits for a variety of conditions. Diosmin was first extracted from citrus rinds in the 1920s before being isolated as a therapeutic supplement in the 1960s in Norway. Now diosmin supplements have since gained popularity as vein support supplements around the world. 

How to Take Diosmin 

Diosmin is easy to incorporate into your everyday health and wellness regimen. Nutrition Greenlife’s diosmin vein support supplements come in easy to swallow capsules. To get the most of diosmin’s benefits, we recommend taking two capsules together in the morning with a glass of water—an easy and straightforward way to incorporate this powerful, naturally-derived supplement into your daily life. Some people may experience stomach discomfort when taking dietary supplements on an empty stomach. If you experience this, take diosmin with a meal.

What are the Main Diosmin Benefits?

Research suggests that diosmin can provide a variety of benefits to support leg vein circulation and overall circulation. How does diosmin support better vein health? This powerful flavonoid acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent in the body, which in turn helps lead to better blood flow. 

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Diosmin for Vein Function

Diosmin is well-known as one of the most popular vein support supplements. Diosmin may also support the plasticity and strength of the body’s veins as a way to ensure the body is circulating blood efficiently. 

Better Circulatory Health

Circulatory health is crucial to the body’s well-being. One of diosmin’s benefits is the ability to enhance microcirculation, which is the circulation of blood to the most delicate and smallest blood vessels in the body. Microcirculation is responsible for the transfer of oxygen to red blood cells, as well as the proper drainage of those cells, which is a major factor in organ, tissue, and muscle health. 

Promote Lymphatic Drainage 

Lymphatic drainage is the process by which lymph fluids—the fluids stored in your lymph nodes composed of waste and toxins—are cleared from the body. So good lymph drainage is certainly necessary to your overall well being and feeling your best. Studies support the use of diosmin for better lymph drainage. 

Why Is Good Circulatory Health important?

Our circulatory system affects so many processes in our body—taking care of your veins and maintaining good circulation is crucial to making sure that every organ in your body gets what it needs to function properly and that deoxygenated blood can be drained back to the heart and lungs. Diosmin is a good supplement to consider especially for those over 65, when heart and vascular health starts to change. 

Who Is Diosmin Suitable for?

There are many people who can benefit from taking a diosmin supplement. Diosmin is generally well-tolerated by most of the population and may be taken for up to three months to support better health. However, it is generally advised that you consult with a doctor if you wish to continue taking diosmin beyond three months. 

Research Supporting Diosmin Benefits 

At Nutrition Greenlife, we review the research on all the supplements we offer so that we can give our customers context for the products they are interested in. Our experts have examined the research available behind diosmin and there is currently a strong body of research to support the use of diosmin for vein health and lymphatic drainage. Interest in the benefits of diosmin is growing as researchers study and examine the myriad uses of this powerful flavonoid, and we will surely see even more data on diosmin as its popularity as a health supplement grows even further. 

Find Naturally-Derived Supplements at Nutrition Greenlife 

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